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Pencil Drawings Ireland, photos of People and Pets

Pencil drawings of People and Pets is carried out from the photographs you provide. The most important factor is that the picture is good quality and in focus.  Also, the more contrast in your photograph makes for a more exciting and powerful portrait. 

Pencil drawings are drawn on high quality heavyweight cartridge paper, using graphite pencils ranging from HB to 8B. Rather than using a crosshatching style I use a blending technique for my pencil drawings. I  generally work in A3 size but for larger numbers of people in the composition, i would use A2 plus

Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have. Also, if you wish to email me with a photograph and message I would be delighted to give a no obligation free quotation. Enquiries from overseas are also welcome.

Pencil portrait of Una
pencil portrait of family
Babys pencil portait
Young kids portrait drawing
Baby Portrait drawing
Family Portrait drawing
memorial graphite portrait

Custom Portraits in Ireland

Here are a sample of the many portraits that i have had commissioned. If you would like a portrait, email your photos to  get a quote and begin your portrait today.

Click on the shop in ireland Logo to visit my shop to order your portrait or buy a bespoke personalised portrait present

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